‘Blade’ Terrel, fanatical monk

When the samurai Toritaka Nobu took his leave of the Crab Clan to join an esoteric order within the Brotherhood of Shinsei most assumed that would be the last they heard of the stalwart warrior who had faced the evil of the Shadowlands his whole life. He had never once ventured beyond the holdings of his Clan.

Taking the unusual name of Terrell he disappeared from records for close to a decade before resurfacing during a peasant rebellion in the shadow of the Fallen Mountains. Guided by an oath to maintain the Celestial Order he gathered a small force of ronin to smash the rebellion and personally executed it’s leaders.

His reputation was earned not for this action but while meeting with the samurai in charge of the village from which the rebellion had spread. Declaring she had failed in her duty as much as the peasants Terrell offered her the chance to commit seppuku. After she declined he slit her throat during the dinner which had been organised in his honour. Three more members of her house fell to his great blade during his escape into the wilderness. In the time since Terrell has stalked the Fallen Mountains, enforcing an extreme view of the Celestial Order with blood and steel.

Plot hooks
General: The Governor, growing tired of Terrell’s lone crusade, dispatches a party to apprehend and return him to the city for justice. They find him deep within the mountains, at a village long wiped from the maps. With him are a sizeable group of monks who seek to learn of his radical philosophy so that they might spread it throughout the Empire.

Order & Chaos: A warband, let by Terrell, overruns the Temple Shrine of the Lost and takes hostages. The monk releases a proclamation that those who maintain the temple have forsaken their duties by concealing a violation of the Celestial Order and that he aims to restore balance, even though doing so will unleash a great evil.


Kyufoki no Shinden

Tsi_HayamizuThe monastery dedicated to Kyufoki, the Fortune of Earthquakes, can be found within one of the many small valleys of the Fallen Mountains. Surrounded by mines, both active and abandoned, the monks can trace the history of the monastery back to the early days of the empire and the discovery of rich iron deposits in the local region. Some tales suggest that the monastery itself sits upon the site of the first mine though the monks deny knowledge of any tunnels within its grounds. While dedicated to Kyufoki the mine is known more commonly referred to as the Thunder Monastery by the peasants of the region due to the constant booming emanating from the many forges. The construction of the forges is a recent development in the long history of the monastery, stemming from the arrival of the monk Komatsu.

Hailing from the Oriole Clan the master swordsmith was unable to completely forgo his former life and saw instead the opportunity to serve the celestial order by providing simpler items for the peasant classes. During difficult times the monastery puts its expertise to the production of farm implements, mining tools and other basic items, believing it is their spiritual duty to ensure the lower citizens of Rokugan are able to properly fulfill their role in the celestial order. Outside of these periods the forges are used primarily for the production of temple bells, amulets and other items of spiritual significance. Much of the production is undertaken by peasant apprentices who dedicate themselves to the Order for at least a year, exchanging their service for the opportunity to learn the art of blacksmithing. While many samurai approach the monks and request training in the art of sword smithing most find themselves turned away, not from an absence of skill but because their piety is found lacking by those who have have dedicated their lives to the Fortune.