Demon Hunters: Adventure Outlines

Talentless Hacks

Hollywood. People go missing all the time, it’s a big place and people don’t tend to announce when they’ve decided to give up the dream and head back home. So when a 3rd rate mystic was apparently possessed live on daytime TV the Brotherhood took notice and your team got the call. Track down the mystic and find out what’s really going on. They’re probably just another run of the mill fraud but if not we need to find the spirits and this group of talentless hacks before whatever they summoned gets loose.

Talentless Hacks is available now from drivethruRPG and as a Pay What You Want release.

Trick of the Light

Recruitment drives. When you go through Agents at the rate the Brotherhood does they’re a necessary evil. Normally we’d send somebody from personnel but they’re on an away day. Again. So pack your bags, you’re off to Vegas and the Convention of Magical Americans. We need you to scout the show for any potential recruits, every year there’s at least one true student of the arcane arts mixed in amongst the stage magicians. Not that you should discount the illusionists, misdirection and sleight of hand are just as valuable in our line of work.

We’ve nabbed some press passes for you. Well, we told them you were influencers… whatever that means. So look the part and try not to go too viral, your health insurance doesn’t cover that.

The Trick of the Light Adventure Starter is available as a PWYW download from drivethruRPG or


Radio Silence. One of our suburban outposts has gone dark. Communication protocols are being actively disrupted and Warehouse access routes have turned into a veritable Escher’s maze. We received a final truncated message from the Overseer Cipher Lockdown protocols enacted, self-destruct systems armed. The base is within a minimal threat region and satellite surveillance detects no unusual activity. We’re blind to the situation, we could have an impending apocalypse on our hands.

More likely somebody spilt a coffee on the Cipher. Wouldn’t be the first time. It’s certainly not a case of the Oaxacan glitch. That’s just a myth, there’s nothing wrong with the latest model and anybody caught spreading rumours will have their pay docked.

The Lockdown Adventure Starter is available as a PWYW download from drivethruRPG or

Missionary Opposition

Missing pets. Not normally a big responsibility for the Brotherhood but every so often a flurry of reports gains enough attention to warrant an investigation. 14 cats, 7 dogs, 1 parrot and a capybara have gone missing from this neighbourhood in the span of a week, which is unusual enough to get a Chapter sent out. An Omega Chapter, it’s not worth the time of anybody else.

In other words: YOU.

The Missionary Opposition Adventure Starter is available as a PWYW download from drivethruRPG or

Channel Surfing

Tamara Backrel, a Brotherhood videomancer obsessed with horror films, has snapped after one too many late night movie marathons. She’s withdrawn into a pocket reality of her own making, dragging half her team with her. The rest have fallen prey to evils of the silver screen, released in a burst of uncontrolled magics. The Chapter, stuck on Warehouse duty, have been dispatched on pizza delivery duty unaware that their comrades have fallen to one of their own…

Channel Surfing – Omega Logfiles #1 is available from drivethruRPG or

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