Demon Hunters: Adventure Outlines



Radio Silence. One of our suburban outposts has gone dark. Communication protocols are being actively disrupted and Warehouse access routes have turned into a veritable Escher’s maze. We received a final truncated message from the Overseer Cipher Lockdown protocols enacted, self-destruct systems armed. The base is within a minimal threat region and satellite surveillance detects no unusual activity. We’re blind to the situation, we could have an impending apocalypse on our hands.

More likely somebody spilt a coffee on the Cipher. Wouldn’t be the first time. It’s certainly not a case of the Oaxacan glitch. That’s just a myth, there’s nothing wrong with the latest model and anybody caught spreading rumours will have their pay docked.

Lockdown Adventure Starter is available as a PWYW download from drivethruRPG

Missionary Opposition

Missing pets. Not normally a big responsibility for the Brotherhood but every so often a flurry of reports gains enough attention to warrant an investigation. 14 cats, 7 dogs, 1 parrot and a capybara have gone missing from this neighbourhood in the span of a week, which is unusual enough to get a Chapter sent out. An Omega Chapter, it’s not worth the time of anybody else.

In other words: YOU.

The Missionary Opposition Adventure Starter is available as a PWYW download from drivethruRPG

Channel Surfing

Tamara Backrel, a Brotherhood videomancer obsessed with horror films, has snapped after one too many late night movie marathons. She’s withdrawn into a pocket reality of her own making, dragging half her team with her. The rest have fallen prey to evils of the silver screen, released in a burst of uncontrolled magics. The Chapter, stuck on Warehouse duty, have been dispatched on pizza delivery duty unaware that their comrades have fallen to one of their own…

Channel Surfing – Omega Logfiles #1 is available from drivethruRPG as a PWYW download!

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