RPGaDay 2021: 1st August

It’s time, once again for RPGaDay and as always I’ll be releasing a short post each day inspired by the prompt from the table below. For the most part these are going to be off the top of my head, zero edit posts so I have no idea how much sense they’ll make or where each prompt will take me. With that said lets get going.

1st August: Scenario

When it comes to writing scenarios I like to focus on what I call a ‘starter’ approach. This sets up the major locations, antagonists and goings on but isn’t constructed as a narrative adventure. I’ve run so many sessions where the players threw curveballs and did something unexpected that I’ve learned to instead think about goals and motivations than an a->b->c approach. The other thing that I focus on is the opening hook – why are the PCs involved and what’s their motivation to go along with the plot. Why should they care that somebody is Godzilla is robbing banks (you are the sole team of superheroes in the city) or that the local crime boss has a suspiciously generous job on offer (you’re broke and if you can’t pay your debts you’ll lose you ship). All of this is especially important when it comes to convention play – if you can’t get the players invested in the plot in the first scene then the next 3-4 hours are going to be a drag.

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