#RPGaDay2019 21th August: ‘Vast’

August has come around once again which means it’s time for RPGaDay 2019. In a shift from the questions format of previous years this year is characterised by a series of prompts, which I’ll be attempting to answer each day with a short post, with the prompt word highlighted in bold each day.

Day 21: Vast

Despite playing a wide variety of systems I’m extremely aware that there are vast sections of the hobby that I have had minimal interaction with. If I created a venn diagram of overlapping spheres of influence my main intersection would be with “traditional non-D&D” then much smaller overlaps with D&D and indie games with a final tiny overlap with OSR and story games. There is just so much out there that I can’t understand how people can stick to just one or even one type of game. I’d happily play or run a different system every day if I could and I’d still only skim the surface of what was out there.

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