#RPGaDay2019 12th August: ‘Friendship’

August has come around once again which means it’s time for RPGaDay 2019. In a shift from the questions format of previous years this year is characterised by a series of prompts, which I’ll be attempting to answer each day with a short post, with the prompt word highlighted in bold each day.

Day 12: Friendship

As an adult RPGs have been the foundation for the majority of my new friendships and have resulted in some of the strongest that I’ve ever made. I can’t really put the value of that into words, it has a massive impact of my life and continues to do so. When I got married last year a whole contingent made the trip down from Scotland (by bus no less!) to be there, even though it meant a ridiculously early return trip while half of them were probably still drunk (I pity anybody who had to share the journey with them). My best man was somebody I’d met through gaming while her husband was one of my ushers. I’ve been able to connect with people across the globe, online and at conventions. I may take a while to build those connections with people but I’m damned sure that thanks to gaming I will never be without them.

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