Gaming Plans for 2019

With another year almost at an end it seems appropriate to do both a reflection on my year in gaming and a look forward to my aims for next year. I’m going to look forward first, for a couple of reasons. Primarily I want to actually sit and actually reflect on the year, but also because I want to save that post for the first of 2019.

So, what are my aims for 2019?

Must do

  • Complete the Demon Hunters: Slice of Life adventure starters.
  • Run the Immortals D&D campaign and keep it going.
  • Finally finish Project Cassandra, though given how long it has been on the backburner I suspect this will require a complete rewrite.
  • Write Ghosts of Iron, my Crystal Heart adventure that was part of the recent Kickstarter.

Would be nice

  • Attend a number of conventions, ideally this would include Expo in the Summer and Dragonmeet next December but I’m going to be realistic and look for some local events first.
  • Finish and publish the The Kingsport Tribune, a one page Cthulhu game.
  • Write and publish a mission for The Sprawl, in collaboration with HyveMynd.
  • Design some business cards to publicise my material if it looks like I’m going to be at conventions.

Pipe dreams

  • Write, playtest and publish Rocket Demons of Antiquity. Given my notes and plans for this have gone from a basic adventure to a mini-campaign spanning two distinct eras and a whole host of characters this isn’t something I expect to be an easy task.

All in all that’s quite a lot but I think breaking it down into the above priorities list will help.

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