Mouse, human rogue


Being the 3rd child of a middle class merchant family typically lends itself to not to fame or fortune but apprenticeship in either the family business or to a local guild. Small even against his significantly younger siblings meant Lachlan Milburn was quietly shipped off to serve the local mages as a scribe. He learned quickly, piecing together languages and arcane knowledge as he dutifully copied text after text. His ability to slip in and out of the archives did not go completely unnoticed, earning him the nickname of Mouse, able to access places meant to be off-limits to those without training. It was not long before his masters were sending him on additional errands to acquire spell components and scrolls from outside the confines of the halls, jobs that often required a willingness to be discrete and work around the local laws.

That world came crashing down after the death of his sponsor, a senior mage of the Order. Untrusted by the remaining hierarchy who were all too aware of his side jobs Mouse found himself out on the streets. He had to his name only his few personal possessions, a pair of swords stolen from the guild stores and the final text of the deceased mage, lifted the moment he had heard that they had passed. The text is coded and incomplete and so far the young thief has deciphered only a little. A region to the south, a ritual or place of great importance. It’s a long journey but for now a direction is more than enough for Mouse.

Mouse is my new character for The Pale Reach, a group campaign akin to Adventurers League being run at Sugar and Dice in Liverpool.


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