RPGaDay 2017 8th August

8th) What is a good RPG to play for sessions of 2hrs or less?

If we’re talking individual sessions then I think some of the more indie one shot systems work really well for this. They quite often have an emphasis on short scenes framed around a single purpose and the ability to just run things on the fly, with or without a GM. I suspect a lot of people will mention Fiasco which is a fun game but I just wanted to touch on a few others.

The criminally unknown Hell 4 Leather by Joe Prince tells some amazing stories of revenge and retribution over a short time period. It’s moody, atmospheric and the scene designs are really tight. I’ve played it repeatedly, always had a blast and am convinced that it would work really well as a set up story for another game. Play the revenge story then switch to something else to chronicle the fallout / investigation (the supernatural aspect would pair really well with some urban fantasy).

RTfco250Remember Tomorrow by Gregor Hutton. A small cyberpunk game that leans heavily on the Gibson stories, with a particular focus on characters getting out / completing their story. To do so they must be Ready, Willing and Able but each of those comes at a price. With how scenes are framed and resolved it is easy to build up a large cast of characters that are retained from session to session yet each of them may never come into contact with all the others before they are retired. A great lightweight narrative system that is true to the genre.

Dread by Epidiah Ravachol and Nathaniel Barmore. One of the most well known indie titles but also one that I’ve unfortunately only had a chance to read. Dread is the Jenga tower horror RPG. Want to do something challenging? Make a pull from the tower but knock it over and you’re marked for death. Maybe not immediately but there’s no escaping it. Everybody I know that has played it loved the suspense the tower adds to the game and that it emphasises characters playing to the tropes of the genre. Definitely one I need to try ASAP.


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