Channel Surfing, an adventure outline for Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors

Channel Surfing, my first adventure outline for Demon Hunters: A Comedy of Terrors is now live on drivethruRPG for free! It’s the first adventure outline from the Omega Logfiles, a series of scenarios targetted at Omega Chapters, the oft forgotten and frequently expendable members of the Brotherhood of the Celestial Torch. The series will sit alongside both Slice of Life starters inspired by the recently kickstarted webseries and some independent adventures designed for longer play.

Channel Surfing
Tamara Backrel, a Brotherhood videomancer obsessed with horror films, has snapped after one too many late night movie marathons. She’s withdrawn into a pocket reality of her own making, dragging half her team with her. The rest have fallen prey to evils of the silver screen, released in a burst of uncontrolled magics. The Chapter, stuck on Warehouse duty, have been dispatched on pizza delivery duty unaware that their comrades have fallen to one of their own…

Download it now, for free from drivethruRPG


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