Tower Fall: A 200 Word RPG

The 200 word RPG challenge is an interesting take on micro-games and one that I didn’t get around to participating in last year. The level of creativity in the submissions is really high, as is the level of diversity. The contest, and most of the submissions, seems to be very much orientated towards focused single scene descriptive games. For mine I’ve tried to the other way, with a bit more traditional narrative and use of dice to overcome challenges (though you stack rather than roll them). I’ve also got the initial outline of a 200 word supplement for the game which adds special class abilities, expect to see that posted soon.


Tower Fall

The Wizard has been vanquished but can you escape before the Tower Falls?
A game for 3-4, each requires 3d6, 1d8, 1d10 and 1d12.

Together: Name characters equal to the number of players – 1. Describe them.
Roll 1d12, highest narrates the first scene.

Narrator: Describe the current floor. Let the characters explore, as they do describe challenges equal to the number of characters. In order assign difficulties of 3, 2 or 1.
Next player clockwise: Pick a character for the turn, attempt to overcome a challenge.

To overcome a challenge:
Create or add to your dice tower by stacking a number of dice equal to the difficulty. The tower must be only 1 die wide.
If you run out of dice steal them from another tower.
If you collapse a tower remove dice from your pool (and the game) equal to the difficulty. Try again.
If a player runs out of dice their current character dies.

Once the challenge is overcome play moves round clockwise. At the end of the round the surviving characters escape to the next floor. Narration moves around 1 player, play continues for a set number of levels or until all but one character has Fallen.


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