Anton Mikalev

eastwood-gun-2_1808554iAnton Mikalev, retired Alliance marine.

Served pre-Unification War as a marine corpsman, didn’t get called up during the war due to earlier medical discharge. Oldest child (Anna) was killed in the war after following Anton’s career choices. Wife (Lin) and son (Jacob) left him because of it and moved further into the core. Since then Anton has drifted from planet to planet, ship to ship, occasionally bottle to bottle trying to find something to believe in.


Late 50’s / Early 60’s. Lean build with weathered face, dressed in old slacks with a dirty long service jacket. Often carries an Alliance service rifle though it spends a lot of time behind the bar of the Mine Cart on Regina.

Mental d10
Physical d8
Social d6

Medical Student
Skills: Know, Operate, Treat

Skills: Fight, Shoot, Throw
Trigger: Hail of bullets. When you take out an NPC with a SHOOT action, take or step up a Complication to automatically take out another from the scene.

Skills: Craft, Influence, Notice
Trigger: Old war wound. Gain 1PP when you step back your PHYSICAL for a scene as an old injury acts up.

Craft d6        Drive d4            Fight d6
Fix d4            Fly d4                Focus d4
Influence d6        Know d6 (Alliance military)    Labor d4
Move d6    (Zero-G)    Notice d8            Operate d6
Perform d4        Shoot d10            Sneak d6
Survive d4        Throw d6            Treat d10 (Bullet wounds)
Trick d4

Signature Assets
Service Rifle d8
Family photo d6 (of Anton, wife and two teenage kids)

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