Inspirational Artwork 08

WARNING: Spoiler for the Dresden Files novel Changes below the cutcity_of_the_dragon_by_pokepetter-d523o8v


Genre: Urban Fantasy

Campaign setting: Dresden Files universe, post the events of Changes

Campaign elevator pitch: The Red Court is gone, eradicated from the face of the earth in a single night. However, before the dust has settled or you have time to catch your breath a new force steps in, the immortal dragon Qiulong. Circling the skyscrapers of the financial district and visible to all those touched by the supernatural it declares the city to be under its ‘divine protection’ before disappearing into the clouds above.

The players would be: Mortal and supernatural individuals who had been actively fighting the influence of the Red Court.

The primary antagonists would be: Factions of the Dragon Clans, seeking the patronage of Qiulong.

The campaign would build towards: Uncovering why Qiulong has emerged from the shadows and confronting the secrets it wishes to control / conceal.

Game system: Dresden Files RPG or DresNoir (my Technoir hack)

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