Project Cassandra: Samuel Carter

carterSamuel Carter, the fourth character for Project: Cassandra has been the most difficult to develop so far, primarily because I felt I’d managed to fit the core of the character into the first two skill trees (Journalist and Suspicious Character) but hadn’t managed to fit in any physical abilities that didn’t feel forced. While I attempted a couple of different cores for the third tree they all felt disconnected from the main concept. Ideas such as Fitness Freak, First Aider or Urbanite either didn’t sit right or didn’t expand well into full trees.

Finishing the character off after playtesting had begun however helped consolidate the ideas. There was a need for some sort of evasion skill but it also became clear that the scenario would probably leave the characters disorientated and not quite sure how to proceed. While that indicates a need for the scenario to be improved my mind, in trying to work out how, latched onto the idea of situational awareness and how well it rounded out Carter’s character sheet.

Now I just need to come up with the concept for the fifth and final character.


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