Inspirational Artwork 01

ia01The first of what will hopefully become a running series in which I take a piece of artwork I’ve found online and quickly brainstorm a campaign concept from it. First up this sci-fi inspired image.

Source: Marek Okon who drew this as the cover of a comic series called Shrapnel, published by Radical Comics.

Genre: Military science fiction

Themes: War, oppression, survival

Campaign elevator pitch: Humanity has reached out from earth and colonised the solar system, splintering into hundreds of new colonies due to the separation enforced by interplanetary travel. With the solar system sliding towards outright war it is time for the marines to step forward, ready to risk their lives in order to defend all that they hold close.

The players would: be a detachment of marines from one of the smaller conflicts who are slowly drawn into the bigger conflict

The campaign would build towards: Freeing their colony from the eventual victors of the war / Preventing a faction from destroying the solar system.

Game system: Parsec RPG or if I wanted to bring in the use of mecha Battletech: A Time of War


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