Project Cassandra – More characters

Until I started working on Project Cassandra I don’t think I fully appreciated how difficult it was to write ‘normal’ individuals for use as player characters in an RPG. While Agent Sarsin was relatively easy to write I now suspect that was because they fall into a more typical PC role, that of the special agent. The rest of the characters are more normal and hence more difficult to write, so I’ve fallen behind my tentative schedule to have a first draft of each ready by now.

The other aspect I hadn’t counted on was how difficult the skill trees would be to generate, keeping the higher branches sufficiently broad yet also making them logically flow to the lower levels has been quite the challenge. While I may alter the approach later on I like the concept enough to keep them in until I’ve playtested them. So without further rambling here’s v0.2 of Agent Sarsin and in addition to v0.1 of Brian Whitford and Karen Jones.

Agent Sarsin v0.2

Brian Whitford v0.1

Karen Jones v0.1


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