For the love of caffeine

While I’m a big fan of gadgets, gizmos and things which make me go ‘ooh thats nifty’ I don’t buy them as often as I’d like to, partly because I have some self restraint (and more than when it comes to gaming stuff) but also because I have a use it till it dies approach to the ones I do buy. In the case of computers this will often be a literal case of until it dies, which is why I’m still using Vista on my main laptop (and why my netbook, which I still use, came with XP originally).

coffee1Outside of gaming and technology one of the things that often gets my interest are coffee related gizmos but until now I’ve managed to avoid purchasing many. For the most part the reason for this is simple, while I love freshly ground coffee I’m generally too disorganised and asleep in the morning to enjoy one before I head out to work. To get round this I tend to drink a mug of instant on my walk to my train, it gets me my caffeine fix but means I only get to enjoy cafetiere coffee at the weekend. Until now that is.

Yup, I bought myself a new gizmo or more accurately a Planetary Design Doubleshot Coffee Mug. As you can probably tell from the photo it combines a standard travel mug with a cafetiere, thus allowing me to enjoy freshly ground coffee on the way into work but without the requirement that I be any more organised (or awake) than I am on a normal day. Things get better however, for the bottom half of the mug contains a sealed compartment into which extra spare grounds can be stashed for use later in the day.

While I’m still getting to grips with the doubleshot, by which I mean what is the optimal amount of grounds to use, I can already say that it’s been a worthwhile purchase. The mug is sturdy, well designed and the compartment for additional grounds is, well, genius. I bought mine from Ethical Addictions Coffee and apart from a few issues with the courier (who seemed intent on making it impossible to arrange a redelivery attempt) I’d definitely recommend them, just ship things through Royal Mail instead.


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