Deadlands Noir Character Concept: Jimmy Davis

Jimmy Davis is very much a product of the times. He was excluded from the failing city school system at an early age, partially due to frequent bouts of truancy but also due to his regular habit of climbing to the roof of the school building in order to shout abuse at the harsh (in his opinion) teachers. His education has, therefore, been dominated by that of the street where he has made a name for himself locally as a capable errand boy. This has included work for the local gangsters (The Black Hand), though Jimmy’s illiteracy and small stature have scuppered his chances of becoming a bona fida member of the organisation.

Agility d8, Smarts d8, Spirit d4, Strength d6, Vigor d4

Climb d6
Fighting (Agility) d4
Lockpicking (Agility) d6
Notice (Smarts) d8
Stealth (Agility) d8
Streetwise (Smarts) d6
Survival (Smarts) d4
Taunt (Smarts) d4

Connections (The Black Hand)
Danger sense

Curious (major)
Smart mouth (minor)
Illiterate (minor)

Pace 6
Parry 3
Charisma -2
Toughness 4

Age: 15

Lockpicks ($50)


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