Getting into Legend of the Five Rings

Dog_-_Hata_Rokurozaemon_with_his_dogSo after a year with minimal gaming I may have finally found a semi regular game and all I had to do was look to the US for it (well for a GM, I know at least one of the other people who has expressed interest is in Europe). I’ve never played Legend of the Five Rings before but have had my interest piqued by the current Happyjacks RPG Actual Play where both the GM and players are learning the system and setting as they play. Given we’ll be playing online I went ahead and picked up the core rulebook.

First impressions, well simply put it’s gorgeous. The book is definitely of a high quality, well laid out and with great artwork throughout that easily evokes the setting of the game. Even the smaller border artwork at the head and foot of many pages manages to conjure a feudal Japanese feel through the use of traditional styles (the work of Katsushika Hokusai being a prime example). I’ve not managed to read through much of the book yet but the sections I have all appear to be well written and, more importantly, easy to read (in sharp contrast to the Dresden Files RPG which is one hell of a slog).

Next step is to get a grip on character creation and generate my first samurai, having had a look through the advantages and disadvantages I’ve already got a few ideas bouncing around that I’ll try and put together over the weekend.


2 thoughts on “Getting into Legend of the Five Rings”

  1. Have fun playing it! I’ve enjoyed the RPG as well as the CCG, so I’m a long time L5R player, but the recent 4th ed is open ended enough and good enough to bring newcomers into it. Have fun playing your world. 🙂

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