Mark of the Dragon – The Dragon Clans

The Dragon Clans are a faction of my own devising for use within DresNoir, as while the Dresden Files has touched on Dragons relatively little is yet known about them. Presented here is some initial background for the mortal agents of the Dragons

Amongst the supernatural entities known to have great influence upon the mortal world the Dragon’s are perhaps one of the most powerful but also the most inconspicuous. While they crave power and wealth over the mortal world they seek it indirectly and individually. There is no Great Court of the Dragons, no families ties or stable alliances. Instead there are the Clans, the mortal servants who serve, their loyalty passed down the ages from one generation to the next.

It is unclear when the first of the Clans were formed. The feudal society which arose in early medieval Europe represents the earliest confirmed existence of the Clans as families swore their allegiance to individual Dragons in return for the power required to maintain and expand their holdings. Patronage by a Dragon brought these houses not physical strength nor supernatural power but cunning, intellect and longevity beyond that meant for mortal man. With it they directed the path of European development for centuries, building up great power bases capable of subtly nudging a society one way or another.

Until the Industrial Revolution that is.

With the lightning development of technology over the following decades came social upheaval and change at a pace the Clans were unprepared for. Through the first half of the twentieth century over half of the known clans fell as their power bases crumbled under the dual onslaughts of Capitalism and Communism. Those that remained were greatly diminished, clinging on to inherited wealth in a world where their influence brought ever decreasing returns.

The Clans of today are a shadow of what they once were and, if desired, can be loosely placed into one of three groups.

The Broken Clans are those which lost everything, their power, their wealth, their patronage. In the modern world it is unlikely that the descendants of these Clans are even aware of their heritage or the power that may still flow through their blood.

The Fallen Clans, like the Broken lost everything they once possessed. But they still remember and seek to regain their positions of power in society. As the ambitious and jealous outsiders the Fallen Clans are perhaps the most dangerous for they have nothing left to lose. This overt posturing has drawn the attention of the Dragons and many have are now covertly testing members of the Fallen, waiting to see if they are ready to return to positions amongst the worlds elite.

The Risen Clans, after weathering the storm that was the twentieth century have settled themselves into new positions. In place of the inherited lands and house politics has come economics and stock holdings. The Clans have shifted their power to the board room, as CEO’s, venture capitalists and board members. Multinational corporations, industrial giants and enterprising starts ups, all have been pulled into the webs of influence wielded by the Clans.

The Mark of the Dragon has returned to the world, and it reaches further than ever before.


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