Micro-Review: Never Unprepared

I picked up Never Unprepared after it was discussed on the Happy Jacks RPG podcast. It’s the third book from the Gnome Stew blog and is focused upon a topic which is rarely discussed in gaming, game prep.

The book covers everything from initial brainstorming right through to reviewing and recording the fully fleshed session notes. Each step is broken down further, providing suggestions for a GM on how to analyse and improve upon their own style of preparation. Reading the book it is clear that the author Phil Vecchione is drawing not only from his experience as a long time GM but from his career as a project manager, a role where proper preparation is of course key. As an added bonus the pdf version of the book also includes a plain text copy, making it easy to create an ebook version.

Overall I’d recommend this book to any GM who wants to think about how the way they plan and devise their games. The advice is suited to both new GMs wanting to form the best habits from the start and experienced GMs who wish to find the weaknesses in their established style. This goes double for the GM who has just experienced a shift in their life, such as finishing university or changing jobs and suddenly finds the need to find a new approach in light of changing priorities.

Never Unprepared is available in print and PDF from the Engine Publishing store.


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