The Plot Map

Adventures in DresNoir, as in TechNoir, are designed around the Transmission system. Transmissions define a set of plot nodes for a given city which can then be drawn into the plot as PCs lean on their connections for information. As the game progresses these nodes are linked together, allowing the GM to generate the plot on the fly until they have that ‘ah ha!’ moment and suddenly work out what is actually going on.

The final plot map for the first DresNoir playtest ended up looking like this:

Transmission map for DresNoir playtest

This map was generated from the Transmission I’d written especially from the game (which will probably be called “November Rain: A Glasgow City Transmission”). The starting nodes were Central Station (the main train station in Glasgow), a Trio of Daggers and an Abandoned School. Character creation drew in the connections of Sama (an unchosen Summer Court changling) and Sir Ronald (a White Council mage). From all of this came the opening scene: A triple murder on the sleeper train which had arrived from London. The victims, three esteemed members of the Invictus, a small Occult organisation, who had come to Glasgow for a meeting with Sir Ronald. Found clasped in each of their hands was an ornate dagger engraved with a coat of arms, a coat of arms also found on an abandoned schoolhouse where a young changling was currently living rough.

That was the opening, from there the plot developed considerably but that’s another post.


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