DresNoir 05: Connection Favours

Each connection in a transmission comes can confer one or more types of favours to a PC. These are the suggested favours for using with DresNoir connections.

  • Shark – Can provide the PC with 10RP, which must be repaid at somepoint in the future.
  • Brew – Can sell the PC up to 3 potions, each at a 2RP discount.
  • Date – The connection can attend a function with the PC as their +1, gaining the PC access to events otherwise out of their reach.
  • Traverse – The connection knows the ins and the outs of the Nevernever, they can provide passage there and back again to a few relatively safe locations
  • Imbue – Skilled in the manipulation of magical energies this connection is capable of creating a single focus or charm item. The focus or charm tag is provided for free, any other tags must be applied and paid for as usual at the time of creation.
  • Bail – The connection has some influence with the police, or maybe they just have cash to spare. Either way they can get a PC bailed and out of custody, though they probably can’t get the charges dropped altogether.
  • Backup – Can provide physical assistance in the form of 2 henchmen level characters who will assist in one or two relevant scenes
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