DresNoir – 04: Objects & resources

Purchasing equipment in DresNoir follows the same basic system as described in the core TechNoir book, each PC begins with 10 Resource Points (RP) (replacing the Kreds of TechNoir) which they are free to spend on objects, adding tags as required. Of course this now being an urban fantasy setting the tags of each object need to reflect the world and genre, tags relating to the Interface are, quite obviously, out.

But what about items of a magical nature?

Glad you ask. Items strongly related to magic require their own special tags, specifically Charm, Focus or Potion. By having these tags present additional tags, which bestow unusual or magical properties may then be stacked onto the item. During play these tags may not be employed when it comes to using push dice, they merely provide the foundation onto which additional tags may be attached. Charm and Focus tags cost an 5RP in order to apply to an object. Potion tags cost 2RP to apply but are single use items.

Charm – Charm tags are applied to objects onto which have been imbued with medium to long term magical properties. An individual charm should have a single central function which is reflected by each magical tag. For example a compass with embedded with location / tracking spells may have tags of charm and locate in addition to the mundae tag of navigation, which give it a final value of 7RP (5 for the charm, 1 each for locate and navigation). Charmed objects may be utilised by any individual, regardless of their magic rating.

Focus – Where charm tags are applied to objects with a predetermined purpose Focus tags are applied to objects utilised in casting magic on the fly, providing a boost to the concentration and discipline of a practictioner. Subsequent tags then describe what the focus has been designed to boost. For example, an individual specialising in earth magic may have a pair of boots which are central to their spells by forming the link between them and the ground. They may then have tags of focus, earth, lift attached however as a focus item the lift tag could be employed in lifting people as opposed to rocks.

The focus tag, and those associated with it may only be emplyed by those with a magic rating of X or higher as they require a willful expenditure of magical energy. This however comes with its own highs and lows, or Boost and Feedback.

Boost – Magic is frequently fueled by strong emotions, be they positive or negative in form. Following a roll utilising an item with the focus tag a player may choose to boost the result by taking the lowest harm die and rerolling it as a temporary push die before retotalling their result. In order to do so the character must have an existing strong emotional adjective avaiable, which can be positive or negative. If the scene resolves around a connection then the relationship may be relevant. Good examples would be lust, angry, enraged, hopeful.

Boosting however comes at a cost, as immediately following the roll the character gains a new, negative adjective, regardless of whether the roll was successful or not. The first time a boost is utilised in a scene they gain Tired as a fleeting negative adjective. If they boost again it is upgraded to a sticky Exhausted adjective and the character gains a push die from the GM if available.

Feedback – Feedback is the expression used to describe when spells go completely out of control due to a character pushing themselves past their limit or being just plain unlucky. Mechanically feedback occurs when the hurt dice cancel out ALL of the action and push dice which have been rolled. If the GM has push dice available the the GM may choose to apply an immediate negative sticky adjective related to the action they just spectacularly failed at. If the no push dice are available, or the GM decides not to spend them then the character gains a fleeting negative adjective instead. A player may choose to boost a roll in which they have suffered feedback however they will then be subject to the negative effects of both, even if the new result is not a zero. If the boosted result is still zero the player suffers only a single instance of feedback, not two.

Potions – Potions are single use magical mixtures presented in the form of a drink. They typically have one or two, well defined effects in order to keep their resource cost down. While potent mixtures this is achieved by concentrating the magical effect into a shorter time frame. Characters must declare they are drinking the potion and for the remainder of the scene the character has access to the positive adjectives that were attached to the potion during its creation. Attaching an extended duration tag to a potion does exactly that, carrying the effects over to the next scene if appropriate. Potions may be consumed by any individual, regardless of their magic rating.

When used to apply negative adjectives potions function as before however for the scene the adjective manifests as negative hurt dice. In order to do so the target character must first be convinced (or forced) to drink the potion via an appropriate roll. On a success the target character recieves each of the adjectives associated with the potion. Push dice may not be spent to upgrade these adjectives from fleeting to sticky.

As always the trick to tags is finding the right level of specificity. A tag such as shield is probably too broad as it could be applied to pretty much any situation. Ballistic shield, fire shield, ice shield would be more appropriate tags and there is nothing to stop them being stacked upon one another, in this example in order to provide defences against a greater range of attacks. When it comes to magically infused items adding additional tags to existing items is labourious and resource heavy. Should a character wish to add additional magic related tags to an existing item the cost is equal to half the current value of the item, including those related to the mundane function of the item.

Rather than listing an extensive number of magical infused items I’m going to stat out just a few in order to provide examples, with the magical attributes denoted with an (m)


Tags: Navigation, charm (m), locate (m)
Cost: 7RP

Warded door
Tags: Reinforced, sturdy, charm (m), threshold (m), explosive runes (m)
Cost: 9RP


Earth Boots
Tags: Focus (m), earth (m), lift (m), sturdy
Cost: 8RP

Wizards staff
Tags: Focus (m), detect (m), throw (m), fire (m), rapid fire (m)
Cost: 9RP


Invisibility potion
Tags: Potion (m), visual concealment (m), silent movement (m)
Cost: 4RP

Love potion
Tags: Potion (m), lustful (m)
Cost: 3RP


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