DresNoir 02 – Training programs

In Technoir training programs form the root of character attributes by allowing for the selection of verb. DresNoir takes the basic concept and then shakes things up a bit. First though we need to exchange the Hack verb for See. See is the supernatural equivalent of the Detect verb, allowing characters to utilise abilities such as a Wizards Sight, see the true form of entities and see through illusions.

I’ve included See as the new verb for a couple of reasons. Firstly because its not a verb which can be used for all magic based rolls in the way that Cast, my original choice, could. A verb focused solely on performing magic would have been over powered and over used simply because magic can be employed to achieve a wide range of outcomes. Tracking spells and fireballs are completely different and should therefore utilise different Verbs (Detect and Shoot in this example). The second reason is more subtle, having Detect and See allows for two very different types of perceptive characters, especially useful when it comes to mortals. As a cop Murphy is used to scouring a crime scene for clues but as a mortal has little chance of seeing through magical illusions. Separating Detect and See therefore allows for the creation these subtly different characters.

Now, onto the actual trainings programs. Four of the original programs, Engineer, Pilot, Solider and Courier are out, replaced by Cop, Practitioner, Being and Spirit.

A street cop, who over the years has had their eyes opened to the existence of the supernatural.
Verbs: Fight, Operate, Shoot

A practitioner is an individual possessing magical talent. In the mortal world this most commonly takes the form of witches, wizards and warlocks.
Verbs: See, Detect, Shoot

Supernatural entities with a leaning towards physical strengths such as werewolves, trolls and vampires
Verbs: See, Fight, Prowl

The second type of supernatural entity, these creatures are possessed of grace, beauty and raw emotions, favouring subtle means of tempting and ensnaring mortals. Fairies and White Court vampires are amongst the most common examples.
Verbs: See, Coax, Move

In addition to these new training programs each of the remaining original programs have been shuffled around and therefore do not match with the original verbs assigned to them. We’ll cover those programs in the next post.


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