DresNoir 01 – A Technoir hack

Technoir is a rather nifty tabletop RPG created and published by Jeremy Keller (the site for the game can be found at http://www.technoirrpg.com ). The game, in brief, is a mash up of two genres, near future cyberpunk and gritty hardboiled / film noir investigation. It’s a game where nothing is as simple as it first seems and where the protaginists will have to take a beating if they want to get solve the case. It is, therefore, ideally suited to a Dresden Files hack.

But wait, doesn’t the Dresden files already have an official RPG? Yes, it does (more details about it can be found here) and I own that as well.

Technoir however has something that the official RPG doesn’t, it’s lightweight, both in a physical sense (1 small book vs 2 large hardback books) and in the rules sense. This makes it well suited to running occasional one-shots and pick up games, especially with the availability of the Transmissions, a system for generating an adventure on the fly. Given my ‘regular’ gaming group is now ~500 miles away a lightweight and quick system is just what I need for the occassions when we get to game face to face.

Hence DresNoir, a hack of the Technoir for use in an urban fantasy setting, which I’ll be posting up in segments as I work on it.

Now for the legal bits. The Dresden Files is copyright Jim Butcher. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons as a derivative, noncommercial work. Technoir is copyright Jeremy Keller. The material included here and in subsequent posts consists of new rules and material to supplement the original game, which will still be required in order to use this hack.


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